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what is the aluminum insulation jacket

Aluminum has many advantages that make it attractive as a insulation jacket material. Its low density and excellent formability allow it to be used in thicker sections that improve its damage resistance to protective outer surface covering for mechanical insulation systems including pipe, vessels, and equipment. It protects the insulation and underlying pipe/vessel from physical damage, UV exposure, corrosive atmospheres, and water. Aluminum’s formability gives the designer choices in surface finish that include Stucco embossed, Coated/painted, Corrugated, Kraft paper, Mill finish, Polysurlyn moisture retarder. Commercially pure aluminum is relatively soft as structural material. Its strength can be greatly improved by alloying aluminum with small percentages of one or more other elements such as manganese, silicon, copper, magnesium, or zinc. Additional strength can be achieved by cold working, such as cold rolling.Aluminum jacketing has a Moisture Retarder. The retarder prevents galvanic or chemical corrosion at the metal-insulation interface. This barrier is heat-laminated to the interior surface to help prevent corrosion of the jacketing and the underlying metal pipe, vessel, or equipment.

For Pipe/duct systems
For Roof insulation

Aluminium jacketing sheets roll/coil

3003 aluminum insulation jacketing roll coil

1200 aluminum insulation jacketing roll coil

1100 aluminum insulation jacketing roll coil

3105 aluminum insulation jacketing roll coil

Aluminium insulation jacketing

Mill finish aluminum roll jacketing

Mill finish aluminum roll jacketing is a very popular finish, many end-usaers who...

Kraft paper aluminum roll jacketing

Signi Aluminium’ s kraft paper aluminum roll jacketing laminated with kraft pap...

Stucco embossed aluminum roll jacketing

Stucco embossed aluminum roll jacketing is popular finish used for aluminum jacke...

Corrugated aluminum roll jacketing

Signi aluminum corrugated aluminum roll jacketing are made from grade aluminum, a...

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