aluminum roll jacketing

Aluminum sheets are widely used in fabricating aluminum insulation jacketing. Aluminum has light weight and good corrosion resistance. The disadvantage of aluminum is that is has poor durability when exposed to heat. The material can have stucco ,mill finish,Polysurlyn moisture retarder,Coated/painted,Kraft paper,Corrugated.

Signi Aluminium is a familar company of China dedicated to the manufacturing and selling of aluminum roll jacketing with thickness between 0,3- 1.6mm and width between 914mm-1219 mm.Out diameter: According to coil weight and finish most common coils length: 125mm 150mm 250mm 300mm 500mm 1000mm 2540mm. 90% of recycled aluminum isused for these aluminium insulation sheets coils.

Signi Aluminium maintains a stock of the most common aluminum roll jacketing measures and alloys to ensure the fastest possible delivery .Among the applications of aluminium sheets insulation rolls we could include the following: aluminium sheets insulation coil roll for pipes, aluminium sheets insulation coil roll for ducts, aluminium sheet insulation coil roll for boilers and differents aluminium  industrial facilities.Our aluminium sheets insulation coils are used, among others uses, forrefrigeration and heat insulation installers for coating boilers, pipes, ducts and other parts of the installation.

Aluminum insulation jacket thickness and application

More commonly used aluminum insulation jacketing  thickness between 0.3mm to 0.8mm,different thickness of aluminum insulation jacketing and different applications,most aluminum insulation jacketing is used in pipes fittings and equipment, marine, chemical, industrial environments, or in industries processing food or beverages. for example,Corrugated aluminum roll jacketing is usually used in pipe system in industry or building. Aluminum has an excellent resistance to corrosion which reduces cost through long service, without maintenance or painting. The details are as follows:

- 016" (0.4mm): Considered the standard for industrial use and recommended on pipelines up to 24" O.D., which includes the insulation. Primarily used to protect piping, vessels, and tanks that are less than 8 feet in diameter.

- 020" (0.5mm): Applicable for insulation lines up to 36" O.D., including insulation. Primary use to protect towers, vessels, and tanks with a diameter greater than 8 feet.

- 024" (0.6mm): Heavier gauge roll jacketing where extra strength and protection is required.

- 032" (0.8mm): For areas where extra protection is required, or in custom fabrication of Box covers, tank heads, or heavy wear areas.